Terms & Conditions

Our valued customers;

In order to make your shopping easier from our e-store, we would like to draw your attention to the following issues:

1. Our Prices:

All prices include VAT.

For domestic trade valid currency is TL.

For international trade, availible currency is USD or EUR.

2. Payments:

You can make payments by credit card or bank transfer. 

3. Validity of your orders:

Your orders are valid as soon as the payment reaches our contracted bank. Therefore, your orders; will be met based on the inventories at the time of payment. Unsatisfied orders will be refunded to you.

4. Delivery:

Stock orders are delivered within 6 business days. For the products to be prepared on order, the delivery date is indicated at the order stage.

We have deliveries worldwide.

Since the shipment cost is paid at the purchasing stage, there is no additional shipment charge at the time of delivery.

Your order will be delivered to the shipment company under the most economic and safe conditions after your payment reaches our contracted bank.

You can follow up your orders from the My Orders section of our website.

When the delivery document concerning the shipment arriving at the delivery address is signed by the customer, the products shall be deemed to be delivered in full and undamaged. Please do not take delivery if there is any abnormal situation outside your shipment such as damage, bruising or wetness. The shipment will return to us.

After receiving your shipment with the shipment authority to open, you can check. If it is found that some of the products in your order are missing, incorrect or damaged during the inspection, ask the shipment authority to prepare a report.

In the testimony of the shipment official, the minutes prepared at the time of first delivery are very important for revealing the responsible of the missing or damage. Any missing / damage notices that you will make after receiving the shipment may be rejected depending on the inspection as there is no record.

5. Order Cancellation, Product Returns and Exchanges

Return (Right of Withdrawal)

You have the right to return the product within 14 days of delivery.

For the return process of the product you have purchased; e-store orders must be filled in the relevant fields. Your request will reach us automatically. You can follow the results of the evaluation in the My Orders section.

For refund; All refunds you will make; must be done by our company through the shipment company.

General return conditions are as follows;

Returns must be made with the original box or packaging.

The product must be shipped undamaged, with all accessories, certificates and all copies of the invoice.

In case of damage on original box/package, the return is not accepted.

You must send the original invoice (all copies) with the product you wish to return.

The product shipping fee you want to return is covered by our company. You must make a return shipment via the shipping company that made the delivery. Products shipped through different shipping companies will not be accepted.

If the invoice of the product to be returned is issued on behalf of the VAT payer (real or legal persons who are obliged to issue invoice), it must be sent with the return invoice when returning the product. The return invoice must be issued without including the shipment share (product unit price + VAT). Invoice, VAT. The refunds of orders issued to taxpayers (natural or legal persons who are obliged to issue invoices) cannot be completed unless a RETURN INVOICE is issued.


Within 30 days from the date of invoice, you can make product replacement with the original invoice.

Replacement is carried out in accordance with the following rules.

The invoice is based on the price.

The product must be undamaged and unused.

Special packaging materials and accessories, if any, should be delivered to the store.

Broken, defected, incomplete product deliveries, wrong product shipments.

Broken, defected, wrong product shipments are processed by sending the products to our company by filling the back of the invoice for the related order.


You can cancel your order on the My Orders page.

Online order cancellation cannot be done if your order has been shipped.

Product cancellations will be made as soon as possible.

For sales and delivery inquiries and questions;

For All Your Questions

Email Address: [email protected]

Web Site Address: http://www.ceramicobyzelis.com

Company information:

Otoport Otom. Müh. İnş. Taah. San. Tic. Ltd. Şti 

Meclis Mah. Cemal Gürsel Cad. 109B Mahalle İstanbul A1/4

Sancaktepe / İstanbul

Sultanbeyli V.D. 

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